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Hot Selling Bidet Kit Pre Order

We are now accepting pre-orders for our handheld bidet kits at wholesale prices.

If you pre order now at 10pcs or more, we will throw in free shipping to any destination within the US.

The kit is specially made to order using only quality all metal components the bidet sprayer, bracket, holder and hose all come in matching chrome or brushed nickel. Typically the average bidet kits out there use ABS plastic for the bidet sprayer, and the 'premium' ones will use a brass body bidet sprayer, however the shower head holder is still ABS plastic.

But not us, everything from the bidet to the holder is made from solid metal brass and stainless steel. This is a true premium bidet kit, and the quality is as good as it gets and so is the pricing.

Check out the bidet kit here.