The majority of Shopify users are new businesses, so we prioritize wholesale merchants who can offer low risk ways for them to sell product.

We understand that there are many users who are interested in ecommerce but are new to running a business. We can offer you a low risk solution without any initial capital outlay: dropshipping.

You run the marketing and sales side, we will take care of the fulfillment. Once a new order is routed to us and acting as your dropshipping provider, we will package the item and send it off to your designated customer (with your labelling or ours).

There is no membership fee with this program, your profit what you re sell it for; minus the cost of the item and our shipping fees plus a percentage take of the profit (for acting as your dropshipping vendor).

We aim to ship within 3 business days; accept reasonable returns from your clients and offer secure payment methods.

As there is no cookie cutter model for our drop shippers, please get in touch with us and we will create an agreement to fit your needs.